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The "Marathon"-Format

The annual Darmstadt Marathon gives credit to its title with a total number of 27 bouts for every participant. In contrast to many tournaments that run a direct elimination format, there is no elimination and each place is finished. You will get a maximum fencing experience because this is what this tournament is about: having fun enjoying your favorite sport.

There will be two initial rounds of pools (with 6 fencers in each pool) to determine the sorting into large pool-uniques, usually composed of 18 fencers. In those pools, 3 fencers form a group and fence among themselves and then against all other groups in the pool (the groups aren't teams, it is just done to organise the order of bouts). The athletes will be handed "routeing slips", telling them when and where they will have to fence (as the bouts will not be announced over speakers).
The results can be traced on screens throughout the tournament.
If the first fencers of the A-Pool (the strongest pool) are equal in victories, there will be a decisive match.

Example of formatThis is an example of a tournament with 72 fencers.

The pools delimit where you finish. A-Pool fencers finish 1 trough 18 (if there's 18 fencers in the pool), B-Pool 19-36, etc. The number of pools and the numbers of fencers per pool may vary depending on how many fencers enter the competition.

The three best fencers of a club are counted as a team. Team champion will be the team with the smallest sum of individual results. If two teams reach the same sum, the one with the better individual place is awarded.

The organisers retain the right to change the format of the tournament and will announce this to the fencers.

All fencers must wear correct kit conforming to the FIE-Regulations on safety. (No name on jackets needed.) Masks will be checked at the beginning. Epees and clothing will be checked by referees on the pistes.
An armoury and an allstar/Uhlmann stand will be present.

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